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Date syrup

  • Date syrup is a sweet, dark brown concentrate that is 100% naturally obtained from dates without any additives and is then pasteurized.


  • It is rich in iron, potassium and calcium, has a stabilizing effect on blood pressure and is invigorating for all age groups. It is also suitable for diabetics and treats or prevents anemia.

Application of date syrup:

  • Domestic use: As a supplement and enrichment to breakfast, as a mild and natural sweetener and for baking.

    Industry: The whole food industry as a mild and natural sweetener.

  • *Packaging of date sugar in various sizes and in export gallons of 29 kg for use in food industry factories (cookies, cookies, dairy products, etc.).

Date syrup nutritional value table:

Quantity per 100 g

PrincipleNutrient Value/100gUnit
Energie235 calKcal
Fett 0.5g
Brix 76+1
Fruktose 33.1g
Glukose 31.5g