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Date liquid sugar

  • We are the first company in the world to develop date liquid sugar, also called date honey.
  • By refining date extract, fiber and pigments are removed by our fully automated equipment . The result has a consistency like the bee honey. Crystallization (sugar formation) is the natural side effect of this product.

Application of date liquid sugar:

  • Domestic use: As a supplement and enrichment to breakfast, as a mild and natural sweetener and for baking.

    Industry: The whole food industry as a mild and natural sweetener.

  • *Packaging of date sugar in various sizes and in export gallons of 29 kg for use in food industry factories (cookies, cookies, dairy products, etc.).

Date liquid sugar nutritional value table:

Quantity per 100 g
PrincipleNutrient Value/100gUnit
Energie260 calKcal
Fett 0.5g
Brix 74-76g
Fruktose 39.1g
Glukose 36.4g