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Mazafati dates

Mazafati dates have a deep dark brown and shiny color, a fine skin and a very juicy, soft flesh. It is mainly grown in Kerman province in the southeast of Iran.
The harvesting normall starts in August and ends in October. Like other date varieties it is rich in fiber content and vital elements. Mazafati dates should be stored in a cool place. 


  • Mazafati dates are very juicy (about 35% moisture content).
  • The fine skin envelops a very juicy, soft and sweet flesh.

Application of Mazafati dates:

  • Home use: for everyday consumption, as a dietary supplement or snack.

  • Industry: large bakeries, confectioneries

Table of nutritional value of Mazafati dates:

Quantity per 100 g
PrincipleNutrient Value/100gUnit
Energie156 calKcal
Fett 0g
Zucker 38g
Ballaststoff 4g